Randolph Township Fire Department


Battalion Officers

Chief Jeff Curnow
Assistant Chief Kyle Hoffman
Captain Joseph Nee
Lieutenant Kyle Westenberger, Louis Asbaty


 Name, Line Number  Function Profession 
Louis Asbaty 240 Lieutenant Siemens 
Luis Bandeira 225 Firefighter  Randolph Township Buildings and Grounds
Richard Briant 234 Firefighter / Association President Township Fire Official/Subcode Official
Adam Carman 248 Firefighter
Ted Carman 224* Firefighter / Past Chief Township Fire Inspector 
Roger Colardeau 216* Firefighter
Jeffrey Curnow 249 Chief Electrician 
Kyle Czerniak 271 Firefighter
Brandon Dunn 268 Firefighter Heavy Equipment Operator
Dan Darmetko 277 Firefighter
Kevin Dunn 214* Firefighter / Past Dept. Chief Retired Alarm Technician
Ryan Dunn 265 Firefighter Cavalry Scout US Army 
Steve Fogel 223* Firefighter / Past Chief
Mark Forstenhausler 220* Firefighter / Association Vice President / Past Dept. Chief Councilman, Business Manager at FIAT of Morris County
Steve Fox 207*
Treasurer Retired
Brian Gould 279 Firefighter Machinist, Owner-Gould Landscaping
Todd Houston 233 Firefighter Retired City Firefighter/Paramedic
Doug Julich 283 Firefighter Walmart
Kyle Hoffman 250 Asst. Chief Fire Equipment Inspector
Greg Klatte 260 Firefighter Prince William County Career Firefighter
Kyle Kleb 256 Firefighter / Past Captain FDNY EMS  
Tyler Kleb 273 Firefighter Dental Lab Assistant
Douglas Lucas 230* Firefighter Seal-it Business Owner 
Anthony Maniace  276 Firefighter United States Army 
Scott McGlashan 211* Sgt. at Arms / Past Deputy Chief SGM Landscaping
Michael Mersch 264 Firefighter Director: Eden Ambulance Corp. 
Tony Moschella 218* Deputy Dept. Chief / Chaplain Jersey City Police Department
Jim Muha 226 Firefighter Siemens
Joseph Nee 274 Captain Fire Equipment Inspector 
Russell J. Nee 219* Past Association President / Firefighter Trail Foreman - Morris County Park Commission
Ian Otsubo 267 Firefighter / RIC Officer Family Ford Parts Department
Corey Pedrick 244 Firefighter US Coast Guard (2006-2011)
Dave Pedrick 210* Firefighter
John Pedrick 205* Firefighter Business Owner 
Tanner Penetta 285 Firefighter  
Wayne Polsin 261 Firefighter Construction Professional
Tom Povinelli Jr. 263 Firefighter Culinary Professor
Fedoras Savaiko 266 Firefighter
William Wagner 208* Past Twp. Chief Morris County OEM 
Kyle Westenberger 254 Lieutenant FDNY Fire Equipment Inspector 
Adam Van Antwerp 280 Firefighter / Association Secretary IT Manager
     *Denotes a Life Member

Association Officers

President Russ Nee
Vice President Mark Forstenhausler
Secretary Adam Van Antwerp
Treasurer  William Wagner
Sergeant at Arms  
Chaplain Steve Fogel

Association Members

Harry Ruiz Bob Turner
Rich Lavin Tony D.
PJ Catizone  Marc Weber  


Honorary Members

Gerry Condit                                     
James G. Jugan  
Edward J. Bilinkas, Esq.  


Life Members

 Name, Line Number  Year of Membership
 Ray Stromberg 206*
 Marty Reynolds 209*
  Scott Wagner 213
 Robert Traynor 215*
Peter Bernart 217*

 William Pugsley 228* 
Mark Forstenhausler 220*
 Ted Carman 224*
Russ Nee 219*
Walter Pugsley 287*
 William Prahst 289*
John Kaiser 294*

  Anthony Caserta 297*
 Robert Cahill 298*



Engine 21 is a 1995 HME Central States four-wheel drive first due apparatus out of Station 2.  It is equipped with a 500 GWT, a 1250 GPM pump.  It also carries 900 feet of LDH (large diameter hose).  Seats 5 fully equipped personnel plus chauffeur 


Engine 22 is a 2007 HME Elite 2nd due supply Engine, four wheel drive.  It has a thousand GWT with a 2250 GPM pump.  It carries 1800 feet of LDH (large diameter hose).  Seats 5 fully equipped personnel 2 jump seats plus the chauffeur



Rescue 24 is a 1999 Peterbuilt Rescue 1.  Special OPS Unit, carries Hurst Jaws of Life, cascade system, high pressure airbags, struts and cribbing for stablizing vehicles and unsteady objects, and also a 25 foot light tower.  Rescue 24 is also equipped with a full line of RIC equipment.