Become a Firefighter

What it means to be a firefighter

Firefighting is one of the most honorable jobs a human being may embark upon. With a foundation upon a military structure, a firefighter is a role model, a public friend, a property and a life saver, and a respected member of their community. When a person is in danger they will seek one who has strength, courage, and empathy; a firefighter lends their hand offering this. In many ways firefighters have always been the hallmark of these values and in addition, those whom we turn to for the preservation of life. It takes some of the finest of individuals in order to embrace these values from all walks of life. Courage to face some of man's greatest dangers, in order to protect another exercises some of the finest qualities a human being has, builds them stronger, and expresses them in the finest way. When people are running out of a burning building, we, as firefighters are running in. We do it not because its fun, not for the glamour, and not because it's cool. We do this because we are firemen. Preserving a tradition since our founding fathers, we save the lives of others. We do it for the deeper meaning behind the stature, to make a difference and to protect. We never do it alone, we only work as a team; a team of acquired brothers (and sisters), coming from all walks of life, and aside from our every-day jobs within society. Although we are unified, every individual from within makes a difference. We have young men just turning 18, and we have the men who show us the way after 50 years of experience. When many within a group comes together with this mindset, we call it a family, a tradition, a passion...We call it The Fire Department. 

​"Courage is not the absence of fear, but knowing there is something more important and acting upon it" 

Millbrook Chemical Engine Co.

Discovering Values

Becoming a firefighter will introduce you to a whole new set of respected values. You will:        
Find courage within yourself       
Learn teamwork       
Helping others       
Finding selflessness       
Growing as a person       
​Discover the role model figure within you