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- Carbon Monoxide Kills Every Year -

This release is from the NJ Poison Control Center, the state’s only poison center. Our medical experts are warning residents of the increased risk of carbon monoxide (CO) exposure during cold weather months. This is a serious public health concern as carbon monoxide is a gas that gives no warning; it is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. The gas is undetectable without the aid of a CO detector. Make safety a priority. You’re welcome to republish our release.
For more information, please click the link below.

Congratulations to our member Mark Forstenhausler currently serving as the Randolph Township Mayor for 2018.

Another new addition to our ranks is Samantha Diamond who recently joined as a junior.

We welcome two new Members to our roster;

Christian Reyes-Gil & Damian Middlebrooks.

These two members have shown much interest in serving their community, learning a new skill.

We wish you both success in your new volunteer assignment.

  We now have Challenge Coins for sale.

Only $10.00 each.  A great gift idea for any Firefighter, Police,  or Military personnel. Get yours before they are gone. You can message us on the Contact Page tab.

​    2018 Fire Calls to date - 347


    2017 Fire Calls to Date: 325 

Christmas trees will be here soon. Please consider purchasing your real tree from your local volunteers. 

Delivery is Saturday Nov 17, 2018 and will be sold until about Christmas eve.  We usually sell out before then so get yours before we sell out. 

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